How to improve a website’s authority

What is website authority?

On the internet, a link counts as a recommendation. When search engine spiders crawl the internet indexing websites, they assess the authority of each site by analyzing the number and quality of links which point towards it.

Link building

A large part of an SEO campaign involves securing links from authoritative and relevant websites in order to make a business’ website seem as influential and trustworthy as possible in the eyes of the search engine spiders. For examples, links from websites ending in .gov or .edu are particularily influential. The process of link building might include:

  • Publishing posts (containing links) on relevant blogs
  • Publishing articles (containing links) on online encyclopaedias
  • Writing and distributing press releases containing links to the website
  • Carrying out wider PR campaigns with SEO value: e.g.: sponsorship, events, competitions

How to improve a website’s relevance